Under Floor Heating

Heated floors are simply a smart, efficient way to heat your home. As the name implies, heated floors radiate heat from the floor up, keeping you warm and comfortable from head to toe during the cold winter months. As far as home improvement projects go, heated floors are an economical way to update your home and boost your equity.

Our floor heating systems are hydronic radiant floor heating systems, with the help of a boiler, they generate hot water, then pump it through plastic multilayer piping installed underneath the surface to be heated. The system relies on a network of pipes installed beneath the surface of the floor controlled by a thermostat that co-ordinates with sensors to keep floors at optimum temperature.

The type of heat produced by underfloor heating is called radiant heat, warmth from the floor radiates evenly over the surface providing the resident with an even feeling of comfort in all parts of the house and the temperature of each room can be separatly controlled.

Heat in each room is carefully controlled by its own thermostat thus allowing a variance in temperature through out the building.

Underfloor heating operates at a lower temperature than a traditional radiator system, it makes it ideal for use with a heat pump.

As the heat is radiating from the floor undefloor heating frees up wall space and is ideally suited for areas with a large glass surface area such as sun rooms.